Eight til Late
There is a garage which sells bread, milk, potatoes, crisps, pop etc. etc. etc at Cowers Lane - about 5 minutes.
There is also a small shop in Duffield - about 5 minutes.


If you prefer your food shopping courtesy of messrs Sainsbury, Tesco, Safeway or the like, the nearest supermarket is Morrisons in Belper about 10 minutes away.

There are two large Sainsbury's in Derby, each about 20 minutes away.

Ashbourne (about 15 minutes) has a small Sainsbury's, a Somerfields, and a Co-op. There are also good bread shop and a good butcher.

Wirksworth, (about 10 minutes) has a mini-supermarket, an excellent bread shop, and a good butcher.

Happy buying your groceries online? All these supermarkets deliver here and we are happy to be here to receive them on a Saturday morning.

Tesco On Line www.Tesco.com
Sainsburys to you www.SainsburysToYou.com
Waitrose (using Ocado) www.Waitrose.com
Our nearest shops are in Duffield, about 3 miles by road, or 2 by footpath. Just before you get to Duffield there is a Londis (8-till-late), and once there, there is a small Co-op, a newsagent, 2 deli's, a post office, 2 banks, a chemist, hairdressers for both sexes, and an excellent coffee shop/cafe "Godfreys" which does a wonderful cooked breakfast!
Our nearest town is Belper, which has all the things you would expect from a small town - Morrisons, Woolworths, banks, cash machines, florists, butchers, bakers (no candlestick makers though as far as I know), a Thorntons Chocolates branch, and a lovely little cinema - the Ritz - which is well worth a look.
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