Visit go-fish
Visit go-fish

This excellent site lists loads of venues. Obviously some are nearer to Duck Pond View than others, so I have made a list of those which are within an hour's drive of us.
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Visit Press Manor

Press Manor Fishery

Visit Vince Gwilym

Major Vince Gwilym - fly fishing

A day fishing, fly fishing in Derbyshire with Welsh international fly fisherman, Major Vince Gwilym, on the river Wye, Derwent or Carsington Reservoir (9 miles from Duck Pond View)

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The river Derwent flows south from Ladybower reservoir towards Derby, through some very fine scenery. The upper reaches make for some good fly fishing with plenty of trout and grayling, whilst as the river runs down below Matlock an increasing number of coarse fish are to be found including barbel and chub. The river Trent has lost some of it's popularity but good catches can still be had at Swarkestone.

Derby Angling Assoc., PO Box 167 Derby, DE3 7UE