Lambing normally starts in late March, and runs for three to four weeks.

Guests are welcome to visit the lambing shed if they choose, and there are usually some very young lambs who are being bottle fed.

And for the next few months you will see lambs (gambolling if you are lucky) in the fields.

This is Liz with two lambs called Treacle and Smidgen. They are just a few days old, and, unfortunately, mum died, so they are being bottle fed. A job Liz loves - and, as you can see, they love her back!

Because mums do sometimes die, or sometimes they have three lambs and can only feed two, Liz sets up the orphanage.

Here they are hand fed until they learn to use the feeding machine, and Liz usually manages to raise a good percentage to maturity.

Shearing takes place in June or July

We also have cats, chickens, ducks of course, and a flock of guinea fowl who roam freely around the farm.

As the hens are all free range, they tend to lay their eggs anywhere and everywhere, and eggs are allocated on a "finders keepers" basis - so free eggs if you can find them!

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